We want your vehicle! Get the best value for your trade-in!

Trade In

It's our mission to professionally provide access to quality vehicles and financing options to meet or exceed our customer expectations.

Before you sell your vehicle to us, make sure you bring the following documents and items to the store:

  • Current photo identification
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle owner's manual
  • Vehicle title or loan pay-off information

If you still owe money on your vehicle, don't worry. Carmart Auto Sales will still buy your vehicle. One of our associates will help you.

Trade-In vs. Selling it Myself

Looking to sell your vehicle? Before you place that classified ad, read below to find out why it makes more sense to sell your vehicle to us instead.

Save Money

In many states, you only pay sales tax on the “Price Difference” as opposed to the full selling price when you buy without trading. For example, if you buy a new car for$15000.00 and trade-in your old car for $5,000 you will only pay $600.00 in taxes vs $900.00 if you did not trade-in your car. Of course this varies from state to state on what the tax percentage will be. If you live in Michigan you will get a tax credit on your trade in, up to $2000.00 can be used for trade in credit for Michigan residents.

Make is Easy on Yourself

Selling your car requires significant effort on your part. In order to sell your used car, you'll have to do things like running classified ads, field phone calls and have strangers come to your house to go on test drives. Then of course, you'll have to negotiate.

Avoid Car Repair

If you sell your car, you will need to ensure it is maintained and all parts are working. This is extra worry and expense on your part, including fixing brakes, tires and other pricey items. If you trade-in with us, we will cover all of the reconditioning expenses.

Protect Yourself

Selling your car can be very dangerous. If you do choose to sell your vehicle yourself, be extremely careful and take the proper precautions to insure your personal and financial safety. When setting up appointments with potential buyers that you don't know, only schedule meetings when a friend or family member can be there with you

Walk Away Freely

When you trade-in your car, you'll prevent any issues with a dissatisfied customer later on. What happens if the engine quits or the transmission breaks down? If you sell your car, the new owner knows where you live and may contact and harass you. When you trade-in your vehicle, the dealership assumes all of the responsibility and you can walk away carefree.

Vehicle Appraisal