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It's our mission to professionally provide access to quality vehicles and financing options to meet or exceed our customer expectations.
I have the ability to pay cash... why should I finance?

Vehicles are typically a depreciating asset and it is usually wise to finance items that will depreciate and invest your "hard earned cash" into something that will appreciate. Many of our banks and credit unions offer very low interest rates that make you able to earn more interest than you pay on the financing of the vehicle so you can actually make a profit by financing. It is a great way to "force" you to save the amount of your monthly payment each month. Our friendly staff will assist you in placing your loan, making it a very simple and effortless process.

I have my own financing. Why should I use Carmart Auto Sales sources?

Sometimes it is wise to keep your line of credit at your personal bank open in the event an emergency should arise. We have several banks as well as credit unions that compete with each other in order to get your business which translates into lower rates and better terms than you can typically get on your own and there are no "loan origination fees!" associated with our loans. Here at Carmart Auto Sales we can offer you some of the very Best Rates in the industry, and with our Guaranteed Credit Approval Process we can help our customers who may be credit challenged, whether your a First time buyer, have a bankruptcy, repossession, Divorce, whatever the case may be. Just let Carmart Auto Sales do all your work for you so you don't have to spend a half day at your bank arranging your own financing and you can take delivery as soon as the paperwork is done.

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