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About Us

It's our mission to professionally provide access to quality vehicles and financing options to meet or exceed our customer expectations.

Our used car dealership Carmart Auto Sales Inc is one of the best when you are looking for used cars for sale in Kalamazoo Michigan. In addition to cars, we sell some of the best trucks, vans, and SUV's as well. Below you will find the top 7 facts on why you should consider buying your next used car, truck, van, SUV or any other used motor vehicle of your choice from Carmart Auto Sales.

Top Seven Facts:
  1. Each of our vehicles are hand picked by the owner. - If we wouldn't drive them, why should you?
  2. Each of our vehicles are inspected and serviced. - We start by checking the vehicles history using AutoCheck. If it's had a shady past, we won't look at it twice. - Each of our vehciesl are inspected and serviced. It's our goal to provide you with the best vehicles that we can.
  3. 95% of our vehicles are purchased from the South, with the exception of nice local trades. We do this so you can have a rust free vehicle. - The vehicles look better without rust - The salt exposure causes damage to the brake lines, brake calipers, exhaust system, and the radiator, just to name a few. All these components could be costly fixes. - The roads in the South are not as damaged as what they are here in the North. - By purchasing our vehicles in the Southern states, we are able to sell you a vehicle that has not been over the millions of potholes that have been created by the extreme weather conditions. Our vehicles suspension systems are not damaged from the roads, once again providing you with a more reliable vehicle.
  4. Here at Carmart Auto Sales Inc, we are constantly looking for new ways to help everyone. Whether you are working with a cash budget, financing your next car, or working on repairing your credit, we can help you! It's our goal to be able to help find the right vehicle at the right price!
  5. Honesty and integrity - These words may be over used in other dealerships, but not here. These are our words the we live by. - There's no flashy gimmicks here - No one pushing you into a vehicle you don't want - Just quality vehicles at a competitive price.
  6. Friendly and personable staff - We are here to help, not push you into an over priced vehicle
  7. Experience and knowledgeable. - We drive the vehicles on our lot - We know where they came frome - We've been in our Schoolcraft location since 1999